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The 52 West Story

Welcome to 52 West!

Our store originated in 2012 inside Behm's Travel Center in Minot, North Dakota. What started as a small push to add some items for the ladies and for truckers to buy for their ladies, quickly grew into a full fledged store. No one in my family thought those crazy, blingy purses and wallets would sell, but we soon proved them wrong. We couldn't keep them in stock!! Hats and t-shirts were next. Guess what? Those went crazy too. A short two years later, we expanded with boots, jeans, and much more added to that collection. For a few years, we traveled in our horse trailer to all the great events in and around North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Rodeos, trade shows, stock shows, and any place that wants to see us with our clothing, boots, purses, jewelry and accessories. 

2016 update! FOUR years later...we were still traveling but added the permanent location at 2815 South Broadway in Minot! A BRAND NEW STORE! We have a growing Facebook audience and even some regular website sales!!

2019 Update! What started as a small venture in the corner of a truck stop is now a full-fledged Brick and Mortar Store, Website, Facebook and Instagram business employing 5 people. We have added easier ways for people to shop and to pay. WE do Facebook live sales with Comment Sold, so it's easy to claim your items and incredibly simple to pay. We also now offer Sezzle, so you can buy now and pay later. 

We LOVE to hear from our friends and customers, so please drop us a note or tag us in your posts!! Thanks for being a part of what we love!



We can be contacted at 701-838-4550 during waking hours...ok, banker hours. 701-833-7575 anytime.

Yes, we are on Facebook...but I don't have a clue about Twitter.

Email us at and we will get back to you as quick as a wink!!

52 WEST....Artisan Inspired Apparel and Goods!