And, We're in!

We did it. Our construction team recreated a worn out old motorcycle store into a totally fabulous, proud to be part of North Dakota, Western store. Our walls were created using re-purposed galvanized corrugated steel and barn wood from ONLY North Dakota barns. What was once a vision, is now reality. It is truly a treat to walk into our store everyday and be filled with these images.

None of this could have been done without our team of highly qualified (hmmmm...) and extremely dedicated folks. It was truly a family project.

Dale: Dad. Even others were calling him Dad by the end of the project. Worked tirelessly. Understood what my vision was and helped make it come to life.

The one that I went to every time I needed a board "ripped" down, because the table saw sorta freaks me out. I can see my fingers going through it. I think it was a personal request of my husband's to keep me away from it. I AM accident prone. He handed me the Air Nailer and Stapler with no problem, though. Hmmmm...the nailer and I proved to be enemies at the tail end. There's a hole in my thumb to prove it.

The one who stopped me from making "those" mistakes. My "We can just do this..." followed by "No. We can't do it that way because..." and he was right every time.

The one who improved upon my ideas to make things turn out even better than we all imagined.

Thank you, Dad, for helping make my dreams come true.

Brenda: My Dad's number one sidekick. Retired from teaching, she went straight into this project with us. You'll notice her in our 52 West Story, too...because she is my partner in crime at the store. She's the one who adjusted our ideas and plans and submitted a few of her own!

The one who helped us stay organized as we tried to get open by Thanksgiving....

The one who helped us through the delays and helped us get open before Christmas!! What a present!

Thank you, Brenda. I am so thankful for you.

Jason: Husband extraordinaire. Nothing else needs to be said here. He gets me.

Karl and Jameson: These two put up with a stressed out, tired mommy for many weeks. They spent MANY hours away from home. They are the ones got me up every morning. Made me coffee. Brought me dinner. Cleaned up messes. Built me fancy new inventions out of wood scraps. Then, they painted. And painted. LOVE THEM!


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